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Step by Step Tutorial on Writing SEO Content for your Small Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you hear this word a lot when you are talking about marketing and web design. SEO is one of the most fundamental techniques used to draw visitors to your site, which in return, generates revenue either by selling more product or by selling add space. Most people today use some sort of search engine to find websites, SEO is basically marketing to the search engine itself. Your goal is to make the search engine think you are the most valuable and thus put you on top. One of the best ways to help your SEO is to produce valuable content that visitors would like to see and create links to. But you ask how do I optimize/market my content for the search engines? Quite easy, just takes a little bit of planning ahead of time. Below are some steps to help you write great SEO content to attract search engines and visitors to your site.


Marketing Like MacGyver -A Guide for Small Business

Marketing is one of thoses things small business don’t do enough of, or in many cases they believe it is too expensive for them to do. When it comes to getting yourself out there and attracting customers, your average small business doesn’t have the money to hang with the big boys.

That’s why you need to market like MacGyver, you need to make something out of nothing. For those of you who are not familiar with this 80′s hit icon, MacGyver was agent who used his vast practical knowledge of science to get himself out of any situation. He would come up with a solution to any situations using just the mundane items around him. Here is a few ways you too can be like MacGyver with your business marketing.

KarolynK Kiisel Couture Site

KarolynKiiselCouture.Com-Fashion Designer Site

This site was the one of the first sites I did in Adobe Flash. It was never fully completed, thus the reason why it is not currently live. The site was designed with a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It was scripted in Action Script 2.o. Site was designed for a local fashion designer, her main fashion line was called Jacaranda which was a type of tree that had purple/pink flowers in the spring. She was looking for a nice clean floral design to match the style of her fashion line.

IgorChak.com-Retro Alien Couch Store

IgorChak.com – Store Page for Retro Alien Couch


This site was coded with CSS and  jQuery. I was trying to accomplish a retro high tech design inspired by the video game Space Invaders. Follow the following link to view the site http://www.igorchak.com/store