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George Barba Line Art

Line Art – Oso and Myself

These are some line drawings of my buddy OSO and myself. These were done in Adobe Illustrator ( By Hand with a mouse before I got a Wacom pad). I always find that these are fun to do and make great gifts.

Baby Shower- Candy Wrapper Design

Baby Shower- Hersey Candy Bar Wrapper

I designed this candy wrapper for a baby shower gifts. I did two different designs and the client ended up deciding to use both. Designs used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

Iron Man - Gift Collage

Iron Man- Photo Collage

This is a photo collage that I created for christmas gifts/postcards this year. Child’s favorite character is Iron Man so I used pictures of him each representing a different part of the armor. This project was done in Adobe Illustrator.