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The Enticing Appeal of the Trade Fair Booth
Samantha Segal: Director of Advertising
The BTG trade fair booth was an enormous success. Being one of the people who helped set up and design the booth was a great experience for many reasons and I am so glad, looking back, that I went along on the trip. With the help of my fellow business partners, we created an eye-catchingbooth that definitely commanded the attention of all who passed and drew in many customers.
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Most Valuable Employee: David Siegel
Alan Chang: Sales Generalist
The employee of the month in BTG for January 2006 is David Siegel. This decision was based on his outstanding performance at the Bakersfield trade fair because of the B.T.G. video that he created, filmed, edited and produced. He put a huge amount of work into the video, happily taking on the task of creating it almost entirely by himself.
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Inside the Open House
Jonathan Choi: Marketing Generalist
BTG anticipated a large number of customers attending the Open House and worked very hard for open house. The workers that could not attend the trade fair were able to experience it at the Open House. There was food for the customers, computers set up, and catalogs for the customers to look though.
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