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Nefastus Societas Logo- Black and White

Nefastus Societas- Logo Design

This logo was commissioned by a group of friends for their Beer Pong Team. The logo was designed as a medieval crest, which consist of 2 flags from which they team mates were from, the Irish and Mexican Flag. Nefastus Societas is Latin for ” Unholy Alliance”. The original design was black and while only but a color design was then created for the use on a custom beer pong table. I used Adobe Illustrator for the entire project.

George Barba Line Art

Line Art – Oso and Myself

These are some line drawings of my buddy OSO and myself. These were done in Adobe Illustrator ( By Hand with a mouse before I got a Wacom pad). I always find that these are fun to do and make great gifts.

Days of Our Lives T-Shirt

Days of Our Lives- Fund Raiser T-Shirt

This t-shirt was commission by the Ronald McDonald Foundation for a Celebrity Basketball Game. I used Adobe Illustrator and scanned in the center logo from a previous t-shirt to vectorize the photo for print.