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10 Benefits of having a website for your business

10 Benefits of Having a Website for your Business

In today’s economy a website is great investment for any business venture. A business website can be very versatile in that it can be used as not only as a form marketing but as a market research tool. Having these tools allow many business to gain the upper hand over their competition. I have talked to many business owners over the years, and every once in a while I come across one that thinks having a website is not good enough of an investment to benefit their business. Here are 10 benefits of having a business website. - WordPress Site – WordPress Site

I recently completed this WordPress site while employed by This site was commissioned for a Dr. Grace Kotwani and the Grace Clinic. The site was based on the free WordPress theme Cloriato Lite. The only modifications this template received were purely cosmetic. I removed most of the functionality of the site to keep it simple for employees of the Grace Clinic to update the site. The theme was kept clean and minimal as it’s main audience are patients of the clinic many of which are elderly. I tried to keep the Grace Clinics’s logo’s colors in mind with the whole color scheme making use of them where ever possible.  Go checkout the site for yourself - WordPress Site – WordPress Site

This WordPress site was put together for a small wholesale company based out of El Monte California, they specialize in childrens toys and accessories. You can checkout their site at The site has a base theme designed by I modified their Boldy WordPress theme  to meet the functionality and design specs the company required. I implemented a wholesale quote request form automatically updates parts of the form based on which product they are doing the request from. I also added a few custom sub-menus that were not included with the original template. The sites logo has since been changed by an employee of Glopo Inc and was not my personal work. This project also include social network integration, I went ahead and created each of their profiles Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. These accounts have all been relinquished to the client and are not all associated to their personal accounts.


Step by Step Tutorial on Writing SEO Content for your Small Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you hear this word a lot when you are talking about marketing and web design. SEO is one of the most fundamental techniques used to draw visitors to your site, which in return, generates revenue either by selling more product or by selling add space. Most people today use some sort of search engine to find websites, SEO is basically marketing to the search engine itself. Your goal is to make the search engine think you are the most valuable and thus put you on top. One of the best ways to help your SEO is to produce valuable content that visitors would like to see and create links to. But you ask how do I optimize/market my content for the search engines? Quite easy, just takes a little bit of planning ahead of time. Below are some steps to help you write great SEO content to attract search engines and visitors to your site.


10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your Startup

I just came across this a few minutes ago and thought I should take the time to post it here on the site. take a look at what Megan Berry Senior Marketing Manager for Klout has to say about online influence. You can also follow her twitter at @meganberry.

10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your Startup