Back in Business – Returning from a long hiatus

I am finally back from a long hiatus and ready to roll, expect great things to come in the near future. I’ve been out and about gaining new skills and experiences to share all of yall. To¬†everyone out there who was wondering where I have been I have recently started a new full time position working for AgenaAstro Products. They specialize in affordable, quality products for astronomy enthusiasts. If you are looking to get started in astronomy or cant find that specific adapter you were desperately looking all over for, head on over and check out their wide selection of astronomy products.

As many of you may have noticed I have finally changed the domain name to I will continue working on writing new content for the site in the upcoming weeks. Expect to see some of the follow

  • New Tutorials (PHP, Magento, and Volusion)
  • New Development Scripts/Modules
  • Tips on Business Workflow (Discussing Marketing, Shipping, Order Management, Outsourcing)
  • New Software/Services Reviews

Please check on the site for future updates coming soon.

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